Paola Capó-García is a poet, educator, and translator from San Juan, PR. She is the co-founder/editor of littletell, alongside Maria Flaccavento. She lives in San Diego with her partner and their puppy and teaches 12th grade English.

Paola Capó-García es poeta, educadora y traductora de San Juan, PR. Es la co-fundadora/editora de littletell, junto a Maria Flaccavento. Vive en San Diego con su pareja y su perro y es maestra de inglés de high school.

“What you’re reading is poetría plain and very simple,” declares Paola Capó-García’s Clap For Me That’s Not Me, a collection that revels in assured complication. Through montage and ever-startling switchbacks, Clap For Me That’s Not Me splices slapstick and dead seriousness, power poses and TV sex scenes, mystic contemplation and glitter shit, the self on a time-out and the self trotted out, and smack talk en inglés and shock and awe in Spanish, into one "lavish lengua,” “making something out of everything, the All,” making something totally its own. An unrelenting exercise in messiness and identity, Capó-García assures us, “It’s not that I don’t like this thing it’s just that this other thing is way more tricked out.” 

Selected Publications:

Academy of American Poets

Night Block