Rescue Press is curious about those moments in time when a book in the world has made a profound impact on a single reader. We are interested in the specific, unutterable, and occasionally unrepeatable euphoria that occurs when ONE reader falls in love with ONE book, and how that falling, like all great falling, is influenced by a time in one’s life, a cultural moment, an aesthetic, a politic, an excitement, a seduction, a song, or an impulse. We are interested in the ways in which a single book might contain memories more real than our own, language that directs our thinking, or images that we are bound to seek forever after. To this end, we’ve asked a series of readers to comment on a specific book that they love—one that has influenced their work or thinking, surprised or disrupted their day, lent them strength, made them laugh, given them pause, illuminated a vision, or possibly even changed their life. We then ask our readers to send a copy of this book to someone else who might enjoy it.

We will post these mini-interviews/essays/responses on this blog.