2018 Black Box Poetry Prize Results

Dear Readers,   

Rescue Press is thrilled to announce Tessa Micaela as the winner of this year’s Black Box Poetry Prize. Micaela’s manuscript, Little Beasts, was chosen by our judge, jos charles, and will be published in the 2019-2020 catalog. 

tessa pic.jpg

Tessa Micaela writes poems and letters, often to inanimate objects. Tessa is the author of there are boxes and there is wanting (Trembling Pillow Press, 2016), and the chapbook Crude Matter (ypolita press, 2016) and co-edits HOLD: a journal. Currently living and working in central Vermont, Tessa practices herbal medicine, and is a midwife-in-training.

Thanks to all of the wonderful poets who sent us work this year and congratulations to the finalists, listed below. We’d also like to remind you that Caren Beilin’s Spain and Paola Capó-García’s Clap For Me That’s Not Me are available for pre-order.

Upcoming titles at Rescue Press include Jonathan Blum’s collection of short stories, The Usual Uncertainties, and Brad Fox’s novel, To Remain Nameless, our 2018 Open Prose selection.

Rescue Press



Carrie Olivia Adams: Be the Thing of Memory
Emily Bludworth de Barrios: For Dorothy In the Dark
Isobel Campos: Surrogate Language
Christy Davids: Woo Me
Shelley Feller: Dream Boat
Leora Fridman: Vessel
Binswanger Friedman: The Four Color Problem
El Gibson: Misinherit
Kristen Ihns: Sundaey
Nicholas Regiacorte: AM in the Columbarium
Michael Samara: Among the Enemies
Kent Shaw: Gigantic
Robert Yerachmiel Sniderman: MELEKHMELEKHMELEKHMELEKH: An Assimilation
Florencia Varela: Kavanaugh