What's New In July

The Black Box manuscripts are in our hot little hands, and while we read, here are some fresh delights for your eyes’ feasting:

Lauren Haldeman’s "My Human,” which we first encountered in Calenday, is up at Mommikin in rarest form: a visual poem!

We consider Erik Anderson’s Estranger our favorite shaded swimming hole in this hot summer, and the University of Michigan agrees—Estranger’s made its Literature, Science, & Arts Summer Reading List.

Verse Daily is doling out the “Scrap Gold,” from Zach Savich's The Orchard Green and Every Color (Omnidawn, 2016). With Hilary Plum, Savich edits our Open Prose Series, and this November, Rescue will release his memoir Diving Makes the Water Deep.

Last, lastingly, you can count yourself potlucky: five parts of Andy Stallings’s “Paradise” appear at Potluck Magazine.

We wish you happy reading! We’ll return with new books and news in the fall.