June News


This month saw the release of Marc Rahe’s On Hours and Christian TeBordo’s Toughlahoma. An excerpt of Toughlahoma is currently up at The Collagist.

For fresh reviews, see Bridgette Bates’ “taut and elegant” What Is Not Missing Is Light at Publisher’s Weekly, and Lauren Haldeman’s “rugged and unapologetic” Calenday at The Colorado Review.

For the down-low on our start-up and such, 1888 interviews our founding editors, Caryl Pagel and Daniel Khalastchi, for “The How The Why” podcast.


Our fifth annual Black Box Poetry Prize, judged by leader-of-the-pack Cathy Park Hong, is open! Poets of all persuasions, send us your poetry manuscripts through the end of June. More submission details here.

Chicagotians, Rescue authors Lauren Haldeman and Marc Rahe, as well as Rescue Managing Ed Daniel Khalastchi, will read for The Dollhouse Series on Friday, June 12, at 7 PM.