December Dispatch

Post of Books Past...

Jonathan Blum, author of Last Word, will be teaching a fiction writing workshop in LA in February and March. Interested? We are. Link here.

Benjamin Mackey, illustrator of Penny, n., Toughlahoma, was recently featured on The Huffington Post for his Twin Peaks Tarot deck. Kudos, Ben!

Post of Books Present...

Sara Deniz Akant’s Babette and Dot Devota’s The Division of Labor were released last month (with fanfare)! Babette debuted at #11 on the Small Press Distribution’s Bestsellers list, while The Division of Labor was selected for Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s Books of 2015 on The Volta (alongside Rescue poet Hannah Brooks-Motl’s M). A giant thank you to those who came to celebrate with us at Chicago’s Downey Mansion for November’s reading-raffle-extravaganza!

We’re excited about Prelude, a thrilling new journal out of New York. Find Rescue writers Hannah Brooks-Motl and Adrienne Raphel in the new issue, or check ‘em online!

Post of Books Future...

We’re delighted that judge Cathy Park Hong selected Adrienne Raphel’s What Was It For for this years’ Black Box Prize, and we’re further delighted to announce Vanessa Gabb’s Images for Radical Politics as our Editors’ Choice! Both collections will be published in our 2016–2017 catalog.

Preview a decadent poem from Adrienne’s What Was It For at Lana Turner, or check out Vanessa’s essay on VIDA or her recent interview with THE KIND here. 

The fourth Open Prose Book Competition looms! In January, send us your book-length prose submissions — our Open Prose editors Zach Savich and Hilary Plum are looking for next year’s strangeling piece of nonfiction, fiction, or sui generis prose to join the series-ranks of Anne Germanacos’s Tribute, Christian TeBordo’s Toughlahoma, and Erik Anderson’s Estranger (forthcoming May 2016). More submission information available here.

We’re now offering year-long subscriptions! Check out our current or past years for a discounted bundle price — in any case, all subscriptions can be found here.