2014 Black Box Winners & Finalists

Dear Friends, Readers, Artists, & Merry Pranksters;

Rescue Press is excited to announce Sara Deniz Akant as the winner of this year’s Black Box Poetry Prize. Sara’s manuscript, Gohst, was chosen by our judge, Maggie Nelson, and will be published in Fall 2015. Sara Deniz Akant’s recent work has appeared in jubilat, Lana Turner, PEN America, and Wag’s Revue. She is the author of Parades, winner of Omnidawn’s 2013 chapbook prize, and Latronic Strag, forthcoming from Persistent Editions. She lives in New York and teaches writing at CUNY Baruch.


We are also excited to announce Dot Devota’s manuscript, The Division of Labor as our Editor’s Choice, also to be published in Fall 2015. Dot is from a family of ranchers and rodeo stars. She wrote And The Girls Worried Terribly (Noemi Press, 2014); MW: A Midwest Field Guide (Editions19\); and The Eternal Wall, published by Cannibal and reprinted in Canada by BookThug. Recent poems and essays appear in PEN America, Make Magazine, Ancients, Aufgabe, The Volta and have been translated into French and Arabic. She travels full-time with her partner, Brandon Shimoda, and currently writes prose about the U.S. Midwest.

We would like to thank all of the wonderful poets who sent us work this year, congratulate the finalists (listed below), and remind you that Bridgette Bates’ What Is Not Missing Is Light, winner of last year’s Black Box Poetry Prize (chosen by Heather Christle), will be released this November along with two other debut collections of poetry, Lauren Haldeman’s Calenday and Andy Stallings’ To The Heart of the World

Rescue Press 



Un/Documented, Kentucky by Steven Alvarez

The Land Is A Painted Thing by Carrie Bennett

Think of the Danger by Thea Brown

Girls Their Tongues by Abigail Christian

Roadsides by Nik De Dominic

The Division of Labor by Dot Devota

Erode by Biswamit Dwibedy

Anne’s Heart Is A Bomb by Brooke Ellsworth

Ten by Jennifer Firestone

Yizkor by Jared Harvey

Hilt by Alexandra Mattraw

In the Suicide Forest by Tim Raymond

Communication of Space by Michael Rerick