2013 Black Box Poetry Prize Results

Dear Readers, Rescue Press is excited to announce Bridgette Bates of Los Angeles, CA as the winner of this year’s Black Box Poetry Prize. Bridgette’s manuscript, What Is Not Missing Is Light, was chosen by our judge, Heather Christle, and will be published in Fall 2014.

We would also like to thank all of the poets who sent us wonderful work as well as congratulate the finalists (below) and remind you that Todd Melicker’s rendezvous, winner of last year’s Black Box  Prize, will be released this November along with two other books: The New Census: An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry, and Jonathan Blum’s novella, Last Word.

Love, Rescue Press


Carrie Olivia Adams: Operating Theater Oliver Bendorf: The Spectral Wilderness Thea Brown: Think of the Danger Stella Corso: Eat Island Phil Estes: Daddio(s) Annie Guthrie: let x (be rogue) Leif Haven: The Belly of Things Anne Holmes: Junk Parade Laura Kochman: The Bone and the Body Matthew Mahaney: The Storm That Bears Your Name Matt McBride: City of Incandescent Light Bulbs Rachel Mortiz: Small Room for Arrivals Montreux Rotholtz: Unmark Stephanie Schlaifer: Clarkston Street Polaroids Steven Toussaint: The Bellfounder