AVAILABLE NOW: New Poetry by Blueberry Morningsnow and Philip Sorenson!

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Rescue Press is thrilled to announce the release of our two newest poetry books--Blueberry Morningsnow's prize winning WHALE IN THE WOODS and Philip Sorenson’s OF EMBODIES--which are both now available for purchase on our website!

We couldn't be more proud and excited by the work these authors have produced, and we are happy to have the chance to share these imaginative and striking collections with all of you.

For more information about the books/authors, please see below.


When you're ready: purchase away! Remember (as always): free shipping!

Also, for those interested poets: our Black Box Poetry Prize is coming your way this July.  Keep a lookout here on the blog/Facebook/our website for submission details in the coming days.

Sincerely yours,

The Editors.



Blueberry Morningsnow: Whale in the Woods (Winner of Rescue Press's 2011 Black Box Poetry Prize, selected by Sabrina Orah Mark.)

Inhabited by spirits, shadows, and ghosts harmonizing from the bleak and muddy bottoms of The Lake—the One and Only Lake—Blueberry Elizabeth Morningsnow's debut collection of poems, WHALE IN THE WOODS, is a landscape of wild-hearted voices calling to us through passions so profound only Whitman has ever evoked them. Resolved, at first, to a ruined and dissolving world, these poems expand and reawaken the sounds of a mythmaking chorus. "A lake is born," we learn, "composed entirely of warm human eyes" and "a child / is born with eyes that only see when he closes him / A dark lake writes a poem / about lakes. It's different than / any other poem about lakes." WHALE IN THE WOODS is brazen, sorrowful, ecstatic, and astonished, and Morningsnow a voice like no other in contemporary poetry.

Blueberry Morningsnow was born in Missoula, Montana in 1977. She grew up in Chatham, Illinois, and then lived in Iowa City, St. Louis, and Chicago. She was in the bands The Star Death and Hroom Hroom in St. Louis. Currently, she lives in Iowa City. She has one son, Finnegan. Recent poems have been published in Thermos and Loaded Bicycle. WHALE IN THE WOODS is her first book.

Philip Sorenson: Of Embodies (Editor's Choice pick for Rescue Press's 2011 Black Box Poetry Prize)

Like an army of flowering stones, Philip Sorenson's OF EMBODIES evolves fixed positions into organic movement and marches straight into your open heart. These poems are the body and the text; the temple and a subject of discovery—their urgency manifesting itself in vanishing memory, actively decomposing letters, and what kind of material might survive you. These poems are interested in evidence, exact specimens, and wild living inquiry. Here there are indications of the inner workings of the earth, upsets, burials, blood, membranes, mouths, and "tongues learning to penetrate a word with the body to lean in and whisper but meaning is a fleeing."

Philip Sorenson lives in Chicago with his wife, Olivia Cronk, and their daughter, Louise. His poems have appeared in a variety of journals, including Hayden's Ferry Review, elimae, Asymptote, and Saltgrass. He teaches writing and literature.