Banjo Band's Tamborine News:

1. Check out this beautiful review of Melissa Dickey's THE LILY WILL at iO: ". . .The Lily Will is also a book that has a changing of seasons, a cycle of both natural and unnatural dying and rebirth. In the poem “Of the Summer Garden” we move from the luminous opening image, “A bee deconstructs a magnolia blossom” to the dark ending, “As when I knew one war/ was over and another would come,/ afraid to tell anyone.” And in the following poem, “Token,” we shift directly from “Love the tracks that go around the bend” to “The memory of that horse shit smell/ Those few times you entered the stable,” a pungent reminder of where Dickey is leading us down that unknown trail. . ." (review by Anne Barngrover)

2. New poems by Marc Rahe at iO.Banjo Band Rescue Celbration

3. Liner notes from a forthcoming interview with Shane McCrae at the Kenyon Review Online blog.

4. An amazing review of Marc Rahe's THE SMALLER HALF at Jacket2:

". . .More than just a show of resignation, refusal, or wariness of the comedic or the sublime, Rahe’s poems are reflective of the times in which we live. Why wish so hard for alternatives that don’t exist? Why indulge in the complex mysteries . . .  when it’s hard enough to get the errands done, furnish your house, try to be good?" (review by Steve Langan)

5. Zach Savich's EVENTS FILM CANNOT WITHSTAND appears on No Tell Motel's Best Poetry Books of 2011, thanks to Gary L. McDowell.