Black Box Poetry Prize Results Announced:

Dear Friends, Readers, Artists, & Merry Pranksters; Rescue Press is excited to announce Blueberry Morningsnow as the winner of this year's Black Box Poetry Prize. Blueberry's manuscript, Whale In The Woods, was chosen by our wonderful judge, Sabrina Orah Mark.

Rescue Press has also selected Philip Sorenson's Of Embodies for publication as our Editor's Choice. Look for both of these books in Spring 2012!

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who entered. We would also like to recognize the finalists, whose manuscripts were truly astonishing:

Michael Rerick: OdeIss/heIs

Rochelle Hurt: The Rusted City

Brenda Sieczkowski: Like Oysters Observing the Sun

Lesley Yalen: The Hearts of Vikings

Laressa Dickey: Bottomland

Nicole Wilson: Supper & Repair Kit

Lily Ladewig: The Silhouettes

Eileen G'Sell: Euphoria Takes One For The Team

Phil Estes: High Life