August News & Notes:

1. Zach Savich’s debut collection of nonfictionEvents Film Cannot Withstand—is #5 on SPD’s Nonfiction Best-Sellers list!

To read an excerpt of his book, which is part scandalous memoir, part self-help sabotage, and part investigatory journaling, go to At Length, which has published the chapter entitled “Holyoke Fences.” You can order a copy of Zach’s book here, or read Zach's "Safety Book" interview here.


This month, Andrea Rexilius’ To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation is featured and reviewed at The Lit Pub’s website, courtesy of Mathias Svalina.

To read an excerpt of this book, which is part interrogation, part notes on performance, and part poetry, check out these poems up at Everyday Genius. You can order a copy of Andrea’s book here, or read Andrea's "Safety Book" interview here.