Rescue Fall 2011 Titles:

Rescue Press is excited to announce our 2011 Fall Catalogue, which will include the following astonishing, transforming, haunting, heartening, and spectacular publications: Melissa Dickey: The Lily Will (a book-length collection of poems)

Danielle Rosen/Patricia Rose: The Institute for Species Systemization: An Experimental Archive (a gathering of research, data, and writing from the Institute for Species Systemization)

Vinnie Wilhelm: In the Absence of Predators (a collection of 5 short stories)

Check out our website or find us on FB for more information on these authors and books in the upcoming weeks. Also, remember that as of June 1st, you may submit your poetry manuscript to our first contest, The Black Box Poetry Prize, which will be judged by Sabrina Orah Mark.

Yrs, R+P