Rescue Press is excited to announce our two newest publications, both of which are available for purchase immediately on our website and at Small Press Distribution. Read below for info on the books as well as details about our forthcoming poetry contest: 1. Andrea Rexilius: To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation

A book-length collection of essays, performance, investigation, & poetry $14, (shipping included), purchase HERE

Description: Andrea Rexilius’ first book, To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation, combines memoir, essay, performance, research, poetry, and lyric meditation to entwine, twist, and twin the physical and spiritual consequences of sisterhood. Through a series of multi-form investigations and experiments the text transforms initial factual fragments into the bodily material of the—heard and unheard—language of intimates. “Our crime is she began to grow in my skin,” writes Rexilius, “A con artist. A mammal. A flower at the back of my skull.”

Bio: Andrea Rexilius completed her Ph.D. in Literature and Writing at the University of Denver. She is a co-editor of Marcel Press. Her second book, Half Of What They Carried Flew Away, is forthcoming from Letter Machine Editions.

2. Zach Savich: Events Film Cannot Withstand

A book-length lyric memoir $14, (shipping included), purchase HERE

Description: “I want to write you a beautiful book of prose, against not least the before-too-long loss of tongue and sense and all sun-defiant hues on the river bend, and none of us able to say or touch or see, soon enough, soon enough, aground, to give you this my voice today nevertheless, withstanding, nevertheless, given everything, for you, a clear note from a complicated bell,” begins Zach Savich in his first book of transformative and wild nonfiction. He continues by composing a powerful, precise, and playfully chaotic lyric memoir on art, process, friendship, place, persistence, and imagination.

Bio: Zach Savich is the author of Full Catastrophe Living (University of Iowa Press, 2009), Annulments (Center for Literary Publishing, Colorado State University, 2010), The Man Who Lost His Head (Omnidawn, 2010), and The Firestorm (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2011). More work can be found at the Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, and Jellyfish. Zach is the book review editor at The Kenyon Review.

3. Rescue Press presents: THE BLACK BOX POETRY PRIZE

Submit manuscripts in June, 2011 Judge: Sabrina Orah Mark

Rescue Press is pleased to present The Black Box Poetry Prize, a contest for full-length collections of poetry. This year’s submissions will be accepted during the month of June, 2011. Our judge will be Sabrina Orah Mark (poetess extraordinaire, recipient of fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and the NEA, and author of the ever-magical and wondrous books The Babies and Tsim Tsum). To submit, please visit our website at rescue-press.org for complete details. We can’t wait to read your work!!

Happy Spring & Love from Rescue—

Caryl Pagel Danny Khalastchi

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