Danielle Rosen received her B.F.A. from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and her M.F.A. from the University of Chicago, where she is currently teaching. Rosen is an interdisciplinary artist who is working on an ongoing series titled “An Encyclopedia” comprised of photographic prints, chapbooks, sound works, sculptures, and microfilm slides. Each individual work is made to be donated to a public library, including: Special Collections at the Joseph Regenstein Library, General Collections at the Baraboo Public Library, and the Semiotics Library at the University of Tartu. Rosen’s work is concerned with forms of empirical knowledge and taxonomic systems used to define the perceptual experiences and reproduction methods of non-human animals.  

Patricia Rose is the head researcher for the ISS and a leading scientist in the study of linguistics and human evolution. In addition to conducting experiments on human subjects, Rose also publishes peer-reviewed essays and distributes self-published analyses on animal behavior. Her most recent studies examine the concept of ‘umwelt,’ first developed by theorist Jakob von Uexküll.

The Institute for Species Systemization: An Experimental Archive documents the past projects and ongoing experimental processes of the ISS. This groundbreaking work of research, investigative scientific studies, never-before collected data, and interpreted evidence from the Institute for Species Systemization is concerned with the psychological, literal, and linguistic spaces between animals and humans. The archive cites theories of proxemics and zoosemiotics—as well as the infamous psychological studies of Skinner and Harlow—as both precedent and provocation. 

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