Andy Stallings lives and works at Deerfield Academy in Western Massachusetts. His first book, To the Heart of the World, was published by Rescue Press in 2014. With Melissa Dickey, he is a parent to four young children, and he coaches boys’ cross country.

Andy Stallings' debut collection, To the Heart of the World, operates in exuberance and exhaustion, trance and ricochet, aware of both its exile from and unremitting attachment to so-called "community" (friends, colleagues, students, beloveds, long-dead poets, and well-worn texts) even as he presents the bewildering solitude inherent in shared experience. Stallings is an astounding contemporary flaneur, and the poems wander in and out of boredom and lust and rage and wonder and addiction and forgiveness and awe. To the Heart of the World is most of all an epistolary argument for intimacy and attention, and a record of the "bitter surplus / of that music."

As a bird learns to sing first by listening, Andy Stallings’s Paradise is attuned and attentive to surrounding song. Stallings’s second collection’s interests are as various as the paradises that scaffold a life: paradises lost in memory’s mutable echo or fleetingly glimpsed in “the depth of a living tree,” in children squabbling or sketching colorful “scribulations,” in “such gloss, and sway, and / transparent grace as paradise / deftly affords.” Of course, “The value of tolerance for / paradise varies depending on / the tolerance, the paradise,” and Stallings awes at some versions while working to dismantle others. The praise that emerges in this careful awareness is tender, grave, and full of  delight. In Paradise, the inherent dignity of each thing— animal, vegetable, familial, ethereal—pulses into profound focus: “Nothing in / the universe is delicate / at scale.” “The stem of a flower should / not suffice to hold up / the weight of the blossom. / And yet.”

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