Andy Stallings lives in Massachusetts, where he is faculty at Deerfield Academy. A graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop and an editor of THERMOS magazine, he is married to poet Melissa Dickey. They have three young children: Esme, Curran, and Galen. To the Heart of the World (Rescue Press, 2014) is his first book of poems.  

Andy Stallings' debut collection, To the Heart of the World, operates in exuberance and exhaustion, trance and ricochet, aware of both its exile from and unremitting attachment to so-called "community" (friends, colleagues, students, beloveds, long-dead poets, and well-worn texts) even as he presents the bewildering solitude inherent in shared experience. Stallings is an astounding contemporary flaneur, and the poems wander in and out of boredom and lust and rage and wonder and addiction and forgiveness and awe. To the Heart of the World is most of all an epistolary argument for intimacy and attention, and a record of the "bitter surplus / of that music."

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